Who operates this auction and why?

When the championship banners were to be replaced, old banners were saved. A goal of raising $5,000 for EMU swimming was set. To eliminate fees, alumni volunteered to operate the auction. My name is Kevin Doak. I swam for EMU from 1999-2003. I’m your contact for questions about this auction. Using this simple website rather than an auction company, we direct 100% of the proceeds to EMU swimming.

How do I pay if I'm the winning bidder?

This website will not be accepting payment. Your bids are on the honor system. Only bid if you intend on paying. If the highest bidder is unable to pay, the next highest bidder wins the auction and is expected to pay. Payment will be collected by EMU swimming via check through the official university donation process.

How are banners collected or shipped?

The winning bidder will be contacted via email and a plan will be established. Banners will be available for pickup either at the Alumni event September 30th 2023 or we can arrange shipping. Understand shipping costs are high right now, expect $100 boxing, handling, and shipping within the continental U.S. The actual shipping cost could be more or less. Banners are 4’x6′

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